Insurance and investment information can be confusing and overwhelming – below are some videos and brochures we hope will make some aspects clearer to you. Hover your mouse over highlighted brochure titles and click to open them, or click the Start button on any video image.

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NEW! Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program for Post-Secondary Students

The Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship program is for students who have experienced the loss of a parent or guardian with little to no life insurance. Manulife will award a minimum of two scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each to successful applicants for the January 2020 semester. And even more in future semesters. Click on the highlighted program name above for details and to apply.

Retirement Income

RRSP Tips for the start of a calendar year:

Manulife's The Bigger Bang RRSP Strategy (Dec 2019, Video link, 2:33 minutes)

or PDF transcript (2 pages): Manulife_Bigger-bang-RRSP-strategy_video-transcript-en


Empire Life - ClassPlus3.0-Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life   (Brochure)


Will you be able to afford your retirement? With the interactive Empire Life Retirement & Savings Tool you can check if you are on track to meet your desired goals, and calculate how much monthly income you could receive in retirement.


Empire Life Class Plus 3.0 RRSP – Retirement Income for Life   (Video, 4:30 minutes)

Estate Preservation and Taxation

Canada Life Estate Protection - All in the Family   (Brochure)


The value of naming a beneficiary (Video, 4:09 min)


Protect Your Estate: Estate Planning and Segregated Funds Solutions

Learn about key areas of protecting your estate (Video, 2:44 minutes):

  • Strategies to protect your estate
  • Trust Option
  • Consider other no-cost alternatives
  • Annuity Settlement Option
  • Segregated Fund Contracts


Death, Fees and Taxes

(Video, 3:23 minutes)



Manulife - Take the Emotion out of Investing  (Flyer)


Manulife - Mortgage Insurance  (Flyer)


Manulife Vitality

Manulife Vitality is an insurance that rewards healthy living – see how on THEIR WEBSITE.

Or start by finding out your Vitality AgeTM – an indication of your overall health. Depending on your day-to-day choices, this age could be higher or lower than your actual age. CLICK HERE TO START. (Please note this is an approximate guide only – see your family physician for actual tests.)


Sun Life Financial - True Wealth

A fun Video of Sun Life's TV Commercial, 0:30 minutes.